Is Medical Staffing Profitable?

Medical staffing
I needed to set the record straight and tell all of my readers
that indeed the medical staffing market is very profitable.
Infact, hardly any other industry has this simplicity of entry with low
startup capital.

Just how much is it possible to make? Ok, here are the numbers.

Say you commence your medical staffing agency specializing
in either nursing staffing, radiology staffing or any field
from the medical staffing industry.

With under a handful of thousand dollars it is possible to basically
have all of your business working. Profit begins
quickly once you start to provide staffing.

The market standard for gross profit is between 15% to 25%.
The gross profit is the thing that you employ to cover yourself,
pay your rents/utilities, pay internal staff and any legal
or marketing expenses maybe you have.

It’s not impossible for a new medical staffing agency
to begin with billing after one year tens of thousands of dollars.

The gross margin then is going to be roughly $250,000 and say
you employ $100,000 for internal expenses. This means
you are left with $150,000.

An organization I helped consult for after five-years doing
business was billing 5 Million dollars a year. She paid
herself $200,000 12 months and used other money
to lease a nicer office, hire recruiters and hire more
internal staff.

Same with medical staffing profitable? Yes, it is.

Could be the business easy to run? No more easy than some other
business you might own.

Can it be challenging? Service repair shop you have has its own challenges.

Can there be risk? Service repair shop has risk.

A few things i have learned from running other businesses is
you won’t ever get the perfect business to start that
does not have any problems associated with it. A good thing you
can do it take up a business that you know something about,
enjoy and could be profitable.

Combine the three areas you may have a successful

Knowledge + Enjoyment + Cash Potential = Success


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